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Contact Information

Reverend Dan Kenneth Phillips
109 Breckenridge Road
Franklin, Tennessee 37067                              
Home telephone: 615-790-7129
Cell Phone: 615-554-7129
E-mail: dphillip@edge.net


Professional Objective

Experienced pastor, compassionate pastor counselor, caring minister, effective administrator and organizer, seeks continually working with hospitals related to end of life care.

Professional Experience


     Chaplain with a large intercity tertiary hospital.. Responsibilities include: counseling patients with terminal illnesses, working with families to help them respond effectively to the approaching death of a loved one, then working with families after the death of their loved one to be sure that their grief and reactions were appropriate.In selected cases further counseling was provided as needed in private and group settings.

     Visited patients/families to provide pastoral care as determined by spiritual assessment and the interdisciplinary team plan of care. Acted as a liaison between patient/family, local clergy, and the interdisciplinary team. Attended interdisciplinary team meetings to provide spiritual input to the plan of care and to interpret spiritual and emotional issues for the team.

     Provided bereavement services such as bereavement visits and phone calls as needed. Preached memorial services, as well as funerals for numerous families who's loved ones had passed on.

     Provided education and training in all areas of hospice care. Trained volunteers in all aspects of hospice care. Provided pastoral care to staff and volunteers as appropriate. Helped many patients and families to reconcile with God before the death of their loved one.

     Developed conferences on numerous issues related to mental health. Taught courses to nursing homes, churches, etc. on death and dying, issues of grief, and have frequently led bereavement memorial services at institutions where death is a frequent issue.

Minister and Pastor

     Experienced minister, effective and able administrator, excellent public presenter of religious materials, able teacher, and frequent retreat leader at conference centers and churches nationwide.

     Over two decades of pastoral and counseling experience. Experienced expository preacher, effective and able administrator, excellent public presenter of religious materials, and frequent retreat leader. Has held numerous Associational positions, has written Sunday School materials for Baptist Sunday School Board, and has been a frequent conference leader and retreat leader at Sunday School conferences, associational meetings and churches and conference centers around the nation.

     Presently involved in the intentional interim ministry in the state of Tennessee. Trained to help churches experiencing conflict to regain a sense of mission and vision, while experience forgiveness and love.


Magazine edited by Dan Phillips     As a writer, publications have been printed in over two dozen periodicals, literary journals, newspapers, and books. Recently, wrote an article for a Tennessee Law firm addressing the issues of spiritual formation during illnesses related to the hospice environment.


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky. (Master of Divinity)

Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN (B.S.in Electrical Engineering)

Employment History

Present - Chaplain Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, TN.

1999-2000 - Interim Pastor at Scottsboro First Baptist Church and part-time hospice chaplain. Developing internet web projects for Tennessee End of Life Partnership and working with Tennessee Baptist churches on an intentional interim basis to help churches dealing with conflict.

1996-1999 -Associate Pastor/Minister of Education, Haywood Hills Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

1981-1995 - Lifeway Christian Resources, Nashville, TN


Resume of Dan K. Phillips
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Hospice Prayer by Dan Phillips

The Gift of Presence

Our Heavenly Father, I bring before you my fellow hospice workers. Tenderly spread thy wings to protect them. Stretch forth thy holy right hand to bless them. Pour into their hearts thy Holy Spirit who may abide with them.

As they seek to help others in distress, may their own hope hold strong. May their presence be a source of strength as they give solace to the dying and their loved ones. And may You, dear Father, kindly console them in their need, giving them victory over temptation and helping them to be victorious in all the trials and tribulations of life.

Psalm 23 as translated by Dan Phillips for terminally ill patients

The Lord cares for me I have need for nothing He gives me a night of quiet rest
He feeds me with the silence of his Word
My life has new hope His guidance leads me through
The Darkness.

He is with me
Through the dark night of the soul
His touch ever with me His hand quietly on my shoulder

When the enemy comes
He is there
With oil
With grace
With His presence and mercy
And I will ever be His.



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